About Us

DIGI is one of Hungary's leading telecommunications service providers. With 20 years of experience, a wide portfolio and the provision of high-quality services, it flexibly follows the needs of consumers. The headquarters are located in Budapest, and it has in many cities of the country personal and telephone customer service as well as an excellent team of technicians. Since its founding, DIGI has steadily increased both its revenue and the number of its customers. With more than 70 stores and nearly 2,300 employees, it now serves more than 1.1 million subscribers nationwide. In addition to Hungary, the company also plays a key role in other European countries: it has a significant market share in Romania and is known for its mobile services in Italy and Spain.

More than 70 Customer service Points

You will find our customer services and sales points all over the country, where our colleagues will help you in everything.

4 countries

We are currently present in 4 countries with our services in Europe (Romania, Hungary, Spain, Italy)

More than 2,300 employees

Our employees work to ensure that, in addition to adapting to market requirements, we can also achieve customer satisfaction.

Dedicated team, supportive workplace atmosphere. DIGI is currently the second largest service provider in the domestic television market, in the field of fixed broadband internet and telephone services. We consider it important to meet the expectations of our customers at all times and to keep pace with development. And for that, we need excellent and dedicated employees. Although our company operates in a multinational environment, we mostly experience everyday life as a large team. Employees who join DIGI can gain professional experience and perform responsible tasks in a modern, friendly work environment with the help of colleagues with great routine and knowledge. Our company also offers the opportunity to work independently and creatively. In addition to the appropriate benefits, our newly arrived employees are also faced with meaningful professional challenges and individual goals, through which they can achieve professional success. At DIGI, everyone can find their goals. We are proud to have more than 500 employees working for us for 10 years.


Best buy award 2019
Best Buy Award 2019
At the end of 2018, the renowned Swiss market research company Icertias asked thousands of people which companies they think provide the best value internet service in Hungary. In the ranking based on the results of the survey, our company took the first place.
Employer Of The Year 2018
Employer Of The Year 2018
Every year since 2017, the business magazine IT Business has been launching its Top 52 poll, which ranks the most successful hungarian infocommunication (ICT) companies. Last year, DIGI was added to the list of ICT companies. As a result of the Facebook and e-mail voting, and based on the evaluation of the professional jury, DIGI won the competition for the title of the employer of the year, and it was ranked 4th among the most successful Hungarian ICT companies. The award was presented at the IT Business & Technology 2019 conference awards gala at the Bambara Hotel. This success is a common merit of all of us, as we continuously shape the public's image of our company through our daily activities.